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The HABA board really appreciates all the feedback concerning future meeting topics.  The top request so far was for Apiary Record Keeping, followed in order of most interest by:  Swarms, Hive Inspections, Disease Identification, Beekeeper Garage Sale, When to Add Supers, Varroa Assessment/Control, Solar Wax Melting, Hobby or Business?/Tax Info, Raising Queens, Split Methods, and Beekeeping Equipment.  There’s a few more days for you to share some input before the board meets–please share your comments here.

Laketown Township will be discussing a beekeeping ordinance.  All interested parties are encouraged to attend.  The meeting will be on Wednesday, March 5 at 7 pm, Laketown Township Hall (4338 Beeline Road, Holland, Michigan 49423).  Here is the proposal. If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, they can contact Loren Vredevoogd at

Tune in to FOX 17 Tuesday at 10 PM for their story Honey – Truth in Labeling.

Here is a recent story on Urban Beekeeping and another on Beehive Theft.

Thanks to Bryan Immink for sharing this photo from his recent trip to the almond groves in California.


HABA– Gratitude and Questions for You


HABA Bee School–We had close to 90 people congregate in Holland this past Saturday to learn about beekeeping.  How encouraging to see so many take time out of their busy schedules to learn more about the honeybee!  The HABA board would appreciate any feedback from attendees and look forward to seeing you at our regular meetings.

A huge thanks to Anne Marie and everyone at GVSU for hosting the event and we are much obliged to all of the instructors and volunteers for all of their assistance.  We also want to thank the vendors for displaying their products and sharing their knowledge.  It was a great day!


Michigan bees?  I’ve had several queries concerning the availability of Michigan nucs.  If you aware of a local source, please share in the comments.


Upcoming Meeting Topics–Board members will be meeting soon to decide on meeting topics and speakers.  One of the struggles is to balance subject matter that appeals to both beginners and more advanced beekeepers.  We welcome your suggestions!  Check out the list of topic ideas below and take the time to share with me which three you would most like to learn about this year.  Or maybe you have some other ideas?!  Your comments are very helpful!





Meeting Topic Ideas


  • Solar wax melting 
  • Extraction–methods of removing bees from supers
  • Hive stands
  • Swarm traps
  • Observation hives
  • Beekeeper garage sale
  • Building your own equipment
  • Apiary locations
  • Raising queens
  • Making increase–split methods
  • Processing wax/making candles
  • Making mead
  • Apiary record keeping methods 
  • Selling hive products
  • When to add supers
  • Comb honey methods
  • Inspections–understanding what is going on in the hive
  • Winter preparations
  • Disease identification
  • Mel Disselkoen methods for increase/ varroa control
  • Beekeeping gadgets
  • Varroa assessment/control
  • Hive beetle control/traps
  • Anne Marie’s experience in the Ukraine and Apimondia
  • Hobby or Business?–tax info for beekeeper 
  • Marketing and labeling products





























Attention Spring Lake Area Beekeepers:  First through third graders at Walden Green Montessori School are studying insects and have requested a beekeeper to visit this month and share about the fascinating honeybee.  Contact me for information if you’re available for this opportunity.

The registration link for the HABA Bee School has closed, but due to a few cancellations, there is room for a few more students.  Contact me if you are interested in attending.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit the vendors! (not just those enrolled in the bee school)    They’ll be set up in the main hall at the GVSU Meijer Campus (515 S. Waverly Road, Holland), February 8, 9-4.  Come shop for beekeeping supplies, beeswax candles, and decorative wall hangings.



2014 HABA Meeting Dates

We’ll be adding meeting topics and locations as soon as plans are finalized, but we thought it’d be nice if you could add the dates to your calendars.  Please share any topic ideas you have for future meetings here.

Holland Area Beekeepers Association Meeting Schedule

April 10, 2014

May 15, 2014

June 12, 2014

July 10, 2014

August 2, 2014 (picnic)

August 14, 2014

September 11, 2014

October 9, 2013






We had an impressive turnout for the HABA Banquet last week–86 people attended!  Mike Conner shared an informative and entertaining message on pollen sources in Michigan.  

A special thanks to those who volunteered at the banquet and donated to the tea cup auction—we really appreciate your participation!


We are now looking ahead to the HABA Bee School on Saturday, February 8.  There are over 50 people registered, but there’s room for more if you are interested in learning more about beekeeping.  Want to help?  We are looking for volunteers to assist throughout the day and appreciate any donations to the tea cup auction.  Find more details here.

If you are interested in learning more about apitherapy you’ll want to check out this event on February 15 in Ohio. 

Mark your calendars for the Michigan Beekeepers Association Conference March 7 and 8 in Lansing.  This highly recommended event offers classes for all levels of beekeeping  plus a wide variety of vendors.  There are also several volunteer opportunities.  Register today!


HABA would like to offer heartfelt condolences to the Kievit family.  Buster was a valuable member of our club and was a great encouragement to me and my family as we began our beekeeping adventure.  Arrangements may be viewed here


HABA Winter Banquet–RSVP now!

Just a reminder–if you haven’t already, please RSVP by January 15 if you are planning to attend the banquet.

We hope you will join us!

HABA’s Annual Winter Banquet is scheduled for January 18 at Maplewood Reformed Church, 133 East 34th Street in Holland (49423) on the corner of 34th and Columbia Ave.  Doors will open at 6 PM with dinner served around 6:30.  Our tasty meal will consist of two entrees, two sides, salad, roll, dessert, and coffee or tea.  

The cost for the banquet will be $15 per person.  Payment will be received at the door.

You won’t want to miss the “tea cup” auction!  

Our speaker this year is Mike Connor.  Mike is an ISA Arborist, a Certified Tree Risk Assessor, owner of the Honeytree Nursery in Shelbyville, and former branch manager for Dadant.  He’ll be sharing an interesting talk on trees as a nectar source which includes a powerpoint of Michigan’s most beautiful blooming trees.  

Please RSVP –We need to know how many will be attending by January 15.

Also please notify me if you have items to donate for the “tea cup” auction.  

We also have several volunteer positions—let me know if you can help!

Contact me by email here or call 616.218.9301.

Join us for an evening of fun and conversation!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


What’s Ahead in 2014


I hope you all had a great Christmas and that your hives are doing well!

We will be holding the HABA Board Election at the Banquet–Saturday, January 18

Up for election in 2014 are the President and Secretary positions for the Holland Area Beekeepers Association Board.  All board positions are a two year term.

Don Lam has been nominated for President.

Anne Marie Fauvel has been nominated for Secretary.

HABA will accept additional nominations up until midnight, Wednesday, January 15.  Please submit your nominations here.

HABA Banquet details can be found here.  Many of you have already signed up for the banquet, but there’s room for more!  Join us!  RSVP by Wednesday, January 15.

HABA Bee School–I apologize that there was some confusion with the date.  The Bee School will be held Saturday, February 8.  Read all the details here.  Be sure to pass along the information to any friends or family that have shown an interest in beekeeping.

Thank you to those of you who have offered to volunteer at the banquet or bee school and/or donate items to the tea cup auctions.  We really appreciate your participation!  If you would like to be involved, please contact Connie.

Steps are being taken to transition from the HABA blog to a website.  We are excited about moving forward and have some ideas on what the site would include, but desire your input!

Which features do you feel would most benefit our organization?

How best could it serve to educate and encourage beekeepers in west Michigan?

We already have plans for a calendar of events and information to assist in improving communication for members.

We are encouraging members to share any stories, how-to articles, photographs, and videos concerning honeybees, beekeeping, products of the hive, etc.

Submissions, comments, and questions may be submitted here.

Thanks for your help in this undertaking!

Happy New Year,



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