HABA– Gratitude and Questions for You


HABA Bee School–We had close to 90 people congregate in Holland this past Saturday to learn about beekeeping.  How encouraging to see so many take time out of their busy schedules to learn more about the honeybee!  The HABA board would appreciate any feedback from attendees and look forward to seeing you at our regular meetings.

A huge thanks to Anne Marie and everyone at GVSU for hosting the event and we are much obliged to all of the instructors and volunteers for all of their assistance.  We also want to thank the vendors for displaying their products and sharing their knowledge.  It was a great day!


Michigan bees?  I’ve had several queries concerning the availability of Michigan nucs.  If you aware of a local source, please share in the comments.


Upcoming Meeting Topics–Board members will be meeting soon to decide on meeting topics and speakers.  One of the struggles is to balance subject matter that appeals to both beginners and more advanced beekeepers.  We welcome your suggestions!  Check out the list of topic ideas below and take the time to share with me which three you would most like to learn about this year.  Or maybe you have some other ideas?!  Your comments are very helpful!





Meeting Topic Ideas


  • Solar wax melting 
  • Extraction–methods of removing bees from supers
  • Hive stands
  • Swarm traps
  • Observation hives
  • Beekeeper garage sale
  • Building your own equipment
  • Apiary locations
  • Raising queens
  • Making increase–split methods
  • Processing wax/making candles
  • Making mead
  • Apiary record keeping methods 
  • Selling hive products
  • When to add supers
  • Comb honey methods
  • Inspections–understanding what is going on in the hive
  • Winter preparations
  • Disease identification
  • Mel Disselkoen methods for increase/ varroa control
  • Beekeeping gadgets
  • Varroa assessment/control
  • Hive beetle control/traps
  • Anne Marie’s experience in the Ukraine and Apimondia
  • Hobby or Business?–tax info for beekeeper 
  • Marketing and labeling products




























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One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Doug Lindhout on February 13, 2014 at 6:56 am

    Hi Connie,
    It sure looks like we have missed some good events while we are traveling this winter. Congratulations to the team that planned and hosted the bee school. If we are around next year I’d like to help.

    Now that I am retired, one of my focus areas will be our bees. I plan to start a queen rearing effort that will exceed my own needs and make some available to others. I also expect to have at least a few nucs available as well. I’m not going to post any dates or prices until we get back home in March and I see how well the hives did during the winter.

    Your list of topics looks vey interesting. Here are my choices:
    1 record keeping methods
    2 inspections
    3 disease identification

    See you in the spring!

    Sent from tablet



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